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Blake Day

Excerpts from my book


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“In summary, what the bible refers to as ‘God’ is the ‘Word’, the ‘Logos’, imagination, inspiration, the ‘World Soul’, and this is what makes and keeps us alive. The ‘Word’ is what we live on. My writing gives a voice to God. We all speak and write and create God alive. We are the voice that God needs in order to exist, and we need God in order to exist. Thus I write “God into existence”, as Nick Cave puts it. I write to exist. To survive. To evolve.

Joy and pain are inseparable. It’s a realisation based on a dualistic principle that has long been identified and exercised by spiritually evolved people and cultures. Everything that bears joy also bears pain, and (that’s the beautiful and reassuring part), vice-versa. (...) Pain is the enabler of joy, just as it is vital for every baby to cry at birth. (...) Pain and joy are equally necessary – the trick is learning how to handle them. Embrace pain, but don’t chain yourself to it.

Sorrow is the truly nutritious fodder that our creative soul needs. A poem or anything created which does not stem from a strong emotion – usually a painful one – doesn’t have the heart and soul to breathe on its own, to survive, to evolve. It will soon after its birth, starve to death.”

Excerpts from my book ‘Moriturus te salutat.” (see Shop section