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Blake Day

Poetry & Lyrics


In your eyes 

(Erlangen, 2007) 

Sometimes there is sorrow. Sometimes there is woe.

Sometimes we’re standing out there naked feeling cold winds blow.

Sometimes it’s hard to get up, when grief is on the rise.

But in an instant it's all washed away by a look in your eyes.

Have you ever felt eviscerated by lurking doubt?

Rowing blindly in the sea of existential drought.

But I’ve found out that for all these hows and all these whys

there is a true answer and it dwells in the look in your eyes.

Many here are stumbling, many have to cry

and sooner or later we’re all going to die.

But if I had to judge life, there would be no denial,

because in the end it’s all worth it thanks to the look in your eyes.

What I know now is that I loved you and you loved me.

This very moment was for eternity, no matter what will be.

When I die and have to leave here, I will come back in disguise,

follow you unseen and keep forever just looking in your eyes.