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Blake Day



A few words about Patreon

I believe that the promotion of Art and the emotional intelligence that comes with it is what truly has the power to guarantee our survival and save this world in the long run. So I create Art in the form of music, music videos, poetry and novels. Art costs money like everything else, and this makes its creation tricky sometimes, impossible other times; but I want to make as much of my and our Art available to you as possible. And with that, I'm asking for your help on Patreon, which is like an ongoing crowdfunding campaign and a very important and convenient tool enabling the creation of Art. 

We all need each other's help sometimes. And now, I am asking for yours: Starting from only 1 Dollar, you can become a Patron and show your support on Patreon on a monthly basis with an amount that you specify. In return, I'll share my and our creations with you. Here on Patreon, you'll be the first ones to get them, and sometimes the only ones. You'll immediately and directly get my songs, my videos, my poems, my books when I publish them. No matter the amount of support that you wish to give. Even if it's 1 Dollar. And you can cancel at any time. 

Depending on the level of your support, you'll also get some extras – such as special versions, merchandise, personalised gifts, or you can meet me in Berlin and even participate in one of our recording sessions. 

Everybody's support is deeply appreciated. If everybody contributes a small amount, then together we can make meaningful Art and achieve a great thing – something that otherwise would never exist. 

You can show your support and find more info on