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Blake Day

Poetry & Lyrics


You are everything and then some

(Lisboa, 19 February 2016; Berlin, 3 April 2016)

Prehistoric primal cells,

woken up by the Big Bang.

Fish deep down the Mariana Trench,

fluorescent with heads backward-bent.

Mountains as high as oceans wide.

A cave darker than the blackest night.

A valley deeper than any meaning.

A truth that send my head reeling.

A fairy guided by fireflies.

A Cyclops born with two good eyes.

A knight that nobody defies.

A god that nobody denies.

You are everything, and then some.

A deal without a compromise.

A dancer without disguise.

A hope that is too strong to die.

A star up in the black night’s sky.

A bird with the most beautiful song.

A mother that can do no wrong.

A hand that is always outstretched.

A helmsman that never rests.

A teardrop that runs never dry.

A smile that’s a horizon wide.

A flower that never withers.

A touch followed by a thousand shivers.

You are everything, and then some.

A cradle rocking me to sleep.

A secret I was told to keep.

A plot with no beginning or end.

A letter that was never sent.

A love that’s best before eternity.

A barque before it sails to sea.

A seagull flying back to the shore.

A conversation that is not a bore.

A summer that is as hot as you.

An autumn that left me blue.

A winter that almost broke my neck.

A spring that could not be held back.

You are everything, and then some.

A bomb that’s about to explode.

The sail that floats my little boat.

A rocket going to the moon.

A holiday over way too soon.

Mickey Mouse fucked up on drugs.

Minnie Mouse with tattooed polka-dots.

Uncle Scrooge blowing through his money bin.

Daisy Duck still all purple and pink.

You are everything, and then some.

A spy with lovestruck secret glances.

A soldier rising from the trenches.

A mine field of forget-me-nots.

A tank rolling up to my crotch.

A tree with six hundred branches.

A new life with all the chances.

The Odyssey with extended verses.

A breath with the most ferocious curses.

A jigsaw puzzle with 10,000 pieces.

A sea of Saudade that never freezes.

A flower that’s always in blossom

but rarer than the Higgs Boson.

You are everything, and then some.

A truth that is divisible.

A deviation that’s permissible.

A rainbow with two pots of gold.

A story that is yet untold.

A beehive full of rabid bees.

A congregation all down on their knees.

An axolotl running a marathon.

A wooden hut that is a fortress strong.

A train that’s driving at full speed.

A baby that prepares to weep.

A fishing boat with a giant hook.

A poem that’s not in any book.

You are everything, and then some.

A Greek statue made of and in the flesh.

A night gown that’s a see-through dress.

A touch that is as soft as silk.

A murderer that never killed.

A dancer who doesn’t stop to rest.

A widow in her wedding dress.

A dead body banging against the coffin.

A rabbit hole that I got lost in.

You are everything, and then some.

Cinderella with both shoes.

Snow White still singing the blues.

The Abominable Snowwoman.

Briar Rose still left waiting.

The sun, the moon, planets and stars.

From the invention of the wheel to racing cars.

Atoms, mass and oxygen.

A lover, partner, and a friend.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, and weeks,

months and quarters and years with leaps,

decades, centuries, millennia.

The apocalypse and a fresh start.

You are everything, and then some.

But now you’re gone.